Are you a Company/Individual looking to promote or create buzz about your product(s)?


Leverage our huge network of influencers who shall do the talk for your brand. After all, organic mentions is what creates real brand impact and helps you move further in the purchase funnel.

We ensure that your message reaches to a phenomenal number of people through multiple channels. That’s what makes brand move into the consideration set.

How do we create massive impact:

1. Creating brand buzz

2. Helping brands gain positive word of mouth

3. Creating brand reputation

4. Generating of product trials

5. Online Brand Reputation management (OBRM)

6. Testing new product launches

7. Online concept testing (gives unbiased feedback)

8. Political social media management

How do we operate?

Brand consultation and strategy development

Our Brand and Digital experts get a full download from you on the Brand essence, the intended TG and the desired impact. Based on this, we suggest the ideal social media strategy suited to you.

Channel mix suggestion

Our robust algorithm matches the brand requirement with the most suitable channels ensuring the right TG fitment and the ideal channel mix.


Execution in real time

Once approved, the campaign goes live across the channels. We are fast in expediting!



Impact assessment

If required, we can also run a pre and post campaign brand diagnostics.



We can also drive and run your entire social media strategy based on a mutually agreed calendar for a sustained social media presence.

Does this sound impactful?

Leverage the network

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